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Melbourne End of Lease Cleaning Services

We understand that this transition period can be very stressful, with so many things to do and organise. That’s why we offer a convenient and hassle-free solution to ensure that your former home is beautifully clean when you move out. Our team of experienced cleaners are highly skilled at tackling all types of dirt, dust, and grime to leave your rental property looking its best.

Our end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne cover all areas of the home, from floors and carpets right through to windowsills and cupboards. We also specialise in oven cleaning, which is often a requirement for tenants who are vacating their rental property. Plus we use only eco-friendly products so you can rest assured knowing that your safety is always our priority.

We understand that time is often tight when it comes to moving house, so we offer flexible booking times throughout the week for maximum convenience. We’ll work around your schedule so there’s no disruption or delay in getting your security deposit back from your landlord.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is crucial for end of lease cleaning. It must be spotless for the rental property to pass inspection. Our professional cleaners pay extra attention to this area, leaving no stone unturned. They clean the counters, cabinets, oven, and floors meticulously. This is especially important for bond cleaning and property managers.

Laundry Cleaning

Our team of cleaners is experienced in handling all your laundry needs. We understand the challenge of cleaning a whole house and aim to provide easy and convenient services for you. Whether it's a few rooms or the entire house, we are here to assist you in the lease cleaning process.

Appliance Cleaning

Appliances can be tough to clean during bond cleaning. Grease and grime build up over time, making it challenging to clean them with regular products. The Local Guys - Cleaning can handle it. Our team uses advanced cleaning equipment to effectively remove dirt and grime from your appliances.

Bathroom Cleaning

Our professional cleaners are experienced in tackling various challenges in bathrooms, such as dirt and grime on shower screens and tiles, as well as discoloration on taps and other fixtures. They utilise high-grade cleaning products to achieve a thorough clean, resulting in a bathroom that looks brand new.


Our bond back cleaning services are comprehensive and thorough, as we pay meticulous attention to detail. Our expert team ensures that every area, including often-overlooked spots like blinds, is thoroughly cleaned and dusted. We believe in leaving no corner untouched, guaranteeing a spotless and pristine environment that meets the highest standards for your exit cleaning services.

Vacuuming & Mopping

We use heavy-duty equipment to clean carpets, grout, and other types of flooring. Our experienced cleaners always provide a quality finish. We understand the importance of perfect floors and use professional-grade machinery to remove dirt, dust, and grime from all types of floors. From skirting boards to floor surfaces, our cleaners ensure every inch is flawless and ready for inspection.

Carpet Cleaning

Our expert cleaning team specialises in bond cleaning, ensuring your property is spotless. We offer exceptional cleaning services including carpet cleaning using advanced steam cleaning and extraction methods. Our goal is customer satisfaction, making sure everything is done right for a clean property when you leave. Our proficiency in the cleaning industry is underscored by our expertise in our carpet steam cleaning techniques.

Micro-Fibre Cleaning

Our Bond Cleaning Melbourne service offers professional and comprehensive bond cleaning services that prioritise deep cleaning using effective microfiber cleaning tools. Our services cater to various cleaning requirements, including upholstery cleaning. We guarantee a clean home and maintain fair pricing without any hidden fees.

And More!

Our team is committed to maintaining high standards and providing a thorough cleaning service with a guarantee. Whether it's a Spring Cleaning or a regular Bond Clean, our professional and reliable service is tailored to meet your needs at affordable prices. We can also cater to specific rooms based on your needs.

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The Local Guys End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Expert End of Lease Cleaners

Our team of end-of-lease cleaners are experts who guarantee the return of your bond. We offer a thorough range of cleaning services, including window cleaning and pressure cleaning. Our services can be tailored to your specific cleaning needs, regardless of the size of your house. We are committed to providing high-quality service.

Bond Cleaners in Melbourne

If you are in need of trustworthy bond cleaners in Melbourne for end-of-lease cleaning, the team of experienced professionals at Bond Cleaners Melbourne can assist you.

Our bond cleaners are skilled in all aspects of end-of-lease cleaning, including dust removal, vacuum cleaning, bathroom and kitchen scrubbing, and carpet steam cleaning. We take pride in our work and aim to leave your property in the same condition as when you first moved in.

Our bond cleaning services encompass a comprehensive range of tasks, including dusting, surface wiping, vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen scrubbing, carpet steam-cleaning, as well as window, wall, and tile cleaning. Our skilled team of professionals is equipped to handle all aspects of the job.
The Local Guys End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

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The Local Guys End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Benefits of Professional End of Lease Cleaning Services

Moving out of a rental property can be a stressful experience, particularly when trying to secure the return of your bond money. Hiring professional end of lease cleaning services can alleviate the stress of moving by taking care of one less thing for you to worry about.

Professional end of lease cleaners offer a thorough cleaning service for rental properties. We leave no area untouched to ensure that the property is clean and presentable for end-of-lease inspections. Our end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne aim to meet the highest standards and leave your rental property sparkling. We understand the significance of getting your bond money back, and our reliable and affordable service ensures that moving is one less worry for you.
Got questions? We have answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our services, our FAQs can help you make the most of your experience. If we didn't answer your question, contact us today!

In Australia, the price of end-of-lease cleaning can experience notable fluctuations based on your location. It can extend from roughly $150 to exceeding $500. Nonetheless, it's important to recognize that pricing differences exist across various states and cities. Additionally, the specific services you require, such as carpet steam cleaning, window cleaning, and furniture removal, can contribute to the final cost. 

Tenancy cleaning, also referred to as an end of lease clean or bond clean, is a specialised professional cleaning service carefully designed to restore the condition of a rental property when a tenancy reaches its conclusion. This thorough cleaning encompasses the entire property, including walls, floors, furnishings, bathrooms, and kitchens. Frequently, landlords and real estate agents make use of this type of cleaning to safeguard the property's condition and oversee any necessary repairs prior to the arrival of the next tenant.

End of lease cleaning is not always compulsory, but it is usually advisable to perform a thorough clean before departing from a rental property. Most tenants are expected to return the property to a condition resembling its state when they first moved in, taking into account reasonable wear and tear. Consequently, any damages sustained during the tenancy should be rectified, and the property should undergo a comprehensive cleaning before it is handed over.

Making the choice to invest in end of tenancy cleaning can be advantageous as you prepare to depart from a rental property. It guarantees that the property undergoes a thorough cleaning and remains in an appealing state for the next tenant or landlord inspection. This proactive measure can protect your security deposit and streamline the transition between tenants. Typically, end of tenancy cleaning entails deep cleaning of carpets, kitchens, bathrooms, surfaces, and furniture, rendering it a valuable investment for individuals striving to leave a rental property in excellent condition.

Certainly, end of tenancy cleaners incorporate wall cleaning into their service repertoire. Their typical procedure involves a thorough cleaning regimen that encompasses vacuuming and dusting the walls, complemented by the application of specialized products for dirt and grime removal. Depending on your chosen service level, they may also utilise techniques such as steam cleaning or paint touch-ups to bring your walls back to a pristine condition.

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